[FLR] Nine Ways Employers Screw Up Hiring | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday!
The key to having a terrific team is hiring a great group of people. One of the challenging realities of the hiring process is how flawed, it really is. Think about the process, you look at an individuals resume, you meet them for two meetings and presto you spend the next number of years working with them.
Imagine, if you met someone for two coffees and you ended up moving in with them? This week I thought I would share some articles that can help you hire great people, with less time and stress.
Forbes | Nine Ways Employers Screw Up Hiring
FC | 7 Personality Types to Avoid When Hiring
INC | How Google Secretly Uses Search History To Hire Staff
TED | Mike Rowe: Learning From Dirty Jobs
CJ | Seth Godin: Two Ways to Hire (and a wrong way)
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