[FLR] | New Canadians create opportunities for all of us… | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,


This past week was exceptional, and I had the opportunity to reconnect with old friends who live in BC. They were in town for the weekend we took the chance to spend a few days at the cottage catching up.


It’s funny how connections made many years ago can still stay strong and form into deep & meaningful personal & professional relationships.


Reconnecting with old friends makes me reflect on how far I’ve come in my professional journey. Starting as new Canadians, we’ve had the opportunity as a family to build a wonderful life here.


Canada is welcoming to new Canadians like our family. It is a genuinely melting pot & place that rewards innovative work & risk-taking. Canada will receive 401,000 individuals this year, a 14% increase over the previous year.


Interesting stat, 12% of new Canadians are self-employed & have created thousands of businesses hiring millions of Canadians. According to Credit Suisse, Canada will create more millionaires per population than the United States.


The secret to success for new Canadians?


[LQ] Principle #1


The leadership of self.


Self-leadership is all about seizing the opportunities in front of you with discipline, rigor & maturity.


Welcome to Canada.


Along the road with you.




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