[FLR] | [LQ] – The Importance of Culture in Leadership | Friday Leadership Report

[FLR] | [LQ] – The Importance of Culture in Leadership | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,

With the current election, the core of our decision-making is understanding & answering the question of whom we believe is the best leader for our country.

In our [LQ] Leadership Intelligence Framework, we evaluate the four building blocks in leaders;


In the last FLR, we discussed Character – in the 2019 election that became a central theme in the campaign.

In this election, the main focus seems to be who we believe is the most competent to lead our recovery in the post covid environment.

Competence is defined as being adequately or well qualified physically and intellectually incorporating ability, aptitude, capacity, talent, cogency, strength & qualification.

A highly competent leader can implement innovation & drive things forward in small & big ways. We also know the flip side of this in leaders, the incompetent leader.

We recognize that all leaders have a spectrum of competencies – no leader is competent is in all areas. Competency can be benchmarked with 360 feedback & assessment tools. You can identify areas of strengths & opportunities for growth.

Competency, when combined with commitment & a strong character, offers a compelling mix that strengthens the leadership profile.

This results in creating a better place to work, stronger outcomes & ultimately an overall positive impact on your career.

Along the road with you!