FLR | [LQ] – The Importance of Competency in Leadership | Friday Leadership Report

[FLR] | [LQ] – The Importance of Competency in Leadership | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,

With the current election, the core of our decision-making is understanding & answering the question of whom we believe is the best leader for our country.

In our [LQ] Leadership Intelligence Framework, we evaluate the four building blocks in leaders;





Last week, we discussed Character – in the previous election that became a central theme. What role did past behaviors matter?.

In this election, the main focus seems to be whom we believe is the most competent to lead our recovery

Competence is defined as the quality of being adequately or well qualified physically and intellectually. This incorporates ability, aptitude, capacity, talent, cogency, strength & qualification.

A highly competent leader can implement innovation & drive things forward in small & big ways. We also know the flip side of this in leaders, the incompetent leader.

Competency matters, especially with the most influential leadership position in our country.

Along the road with you!


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    FLR Aug 27th 2021