FLR | [LQ] The Importance of Character in Leadership | Friday Leadership Report

FLR | [LQ] The Importance of Character in Leadership | Friday Leadership Report

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Last week, we discussed our [LQ] Leadership Intelligence Framework





This past week, another senior Canadian leader was removed from their role for character issues. There has been a substantive change in how leaders are being held accountable over the past 5 yrs.

Character has emerged as the primary foundation for all leaders.

The Greek root of Character, kharaktēr, means “a defining quality or individual feature.”

The Ivey School of Business describes Character: “The amalgam of traits, values, and virtues. Traits like open-mindedness are relatively stable dispositional variables. Values, such as honesty, deep-seated beliefs about morally right or wrong in choosing a course of action. Courage or temperance, virtues which refer to patterns of situationally appropriate behaviors that are generally considered to be symbolic of good leadership.”

Character is about the orientation of how you lead. Essentially it is the north, south, east & west from which you lead & others follow.

Do I trust your intent & more importantly, do I trust you?

Character matters.

We will only follow the leader as much as their Character aligns with the goals & values of the organization.

Along the road with you!


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