FLR | [LQ] Leadership Intelligence With Mindsets – Commitment | Friday Leadership Report

FLR | [LQ] Leadership Intelligence With Mindsets – Commitment | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,

For the past number of years, we have been coaching clients on Leadership & performance. Over that period, we have worked with thousands of leaders on all kinds of projects.

What differentiates a strong leader from a weak leader?

One key element.

[LQ] Leadership Intelligence

Like IQ & EQ, [LQ] is a unique mix of elements that align a leader’s natural abilities & style with a mature set of skills – it’s the fusion of nature & nurture.

When a leader has good [LQ], we all recognize how it enhances the way they communicate, solve problems, persuade, challenge, & ultimately deliver good results.

Like other intelligence, we all have an innate amount and can be developed & enhanced through frameworks, training & mentoring. IQ, as an example, is not a fixed number & can be improved through identifying learning styles and personalized learning frameworks.

The [LQ] Framework we have developed is based on three fundamental principles.

Leadership of Self

Leadership of Others

Leadership of Organization

The four core building blocks of [LQ] are:





This next set of FLR’s series focuses on the [LQ] principles and building blocks.

Commitment is the fundamental starting point in anything in our lives. Nothing great is developed without commitment.

This week, take some time to evaluate your [LQ] through the lens of commitment.

What it is.

Why does it matters.

How it can transform.


Along the road with you!


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