[FLR] Leading The 4 Phases of Crisis Management in the Age of Coronavirus

Happy Friday.


I was in Yorkdale Mall yesterday & was astounded with how quiet it was. I asked the salesperson at Nordstrom if this was just a slow day.


They responded that the entire week was incredibly quiet.


The reason why?




The first new disease outbreak, in the social media era. Many are deciding not to take a chance to be in places where there are many people.


I was struck with how integrated we currently are both in growth & crisis moments. The speed & complexity this creates for you as a leader managing in a global synchronized world, where a flu virus in China impacts a salesperson’s income in Toronto.


This week’s curated articles are all about the desire for leadership, especially in times of crisis.


“If you don’t choose to do it in leadership time upfront, you do it in crisis management time down the road.” – Steven Covey


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Leading along the road with you!




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