FLR | Leaders With Emotional Intelligence | Friday Leadership Report

FLR | Leaders With Emotional Intelligence | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,

Sports is a fantastic way to learn about life, strategies, decision making, winning cultures, human performance & the role of leadership.

I have never been the type of person to put aside Sunday afternoons to watch football, I am a fairweather fan & the closest I get to football is watching the Super Bowl.

This year will be an unusual Super Bowl as one person will be missing.

Tom Brady.

All athletes have best before stickers on them. There is a small window for most of them to perform at peak performance for a majority.

Tom Brady is no exception to that rule. At age 44, the inevitable reality is his professional football career is in the end phase.

Will he retire, was the question most asked after his loss.

Like all great leaders & quarterbacks, Tom has an astute sense of pace, timing, & opportunity when it comes to his decisions.

Neuroscientists understand the complexity of our brains & all the various parts used in decision making.

Tom’s ability to live in the present details then zoom out to the big picture has served him in his legendary career as a leader of champion teams.

This same well-honed ability will serve him in his decision-making about where he decides to retire or sign a new contract.

The best leaders make the best decisions by understanding clearly where they are and courageously where they want to go next.


Along the road with you!