[FLR] Leaders Who Take a Tech Detox

Happy Friday!


This weekend is a terrific opportunity to do a detox to benefit your leadership abilities. No, I don’t mean a green juice detox but rather a tech detox. “What is a tech detox” you ask?


The term was first coined in 2010 by filmmaker and tech pioneer Tiffany Shlain and UC Berkeley robotics professor Ken Goldberg after participating in The National Day of Unplugging which began in 2008. The technology “Shabbat” was inspired by the traditional Shabbat or Sabbath, a weekly day of rest in most popular religions.


On average we are interrupted by our digital devices on average 50+ times per day. Consider this long weekend how to add an additional opportunity to “break” away. 


It might be the time to leave home without that device for a morning, afternoon or, call me crazy, an entire day.


Everyone will benefit, but you will the most.


“I set a specific time in the day to batch responses to emails, social media and group chats, and I turn off notifications to avoid being distracted.”
– Dominic Chapman, Founder, StemX


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