[FLR] Jeff DeGraff – The Three Realities Of Innovators | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,
I have just been to the dentist recently. Good news is that I have great teeth, no cavities, but the challenging part to the story is that I may need braces. I heard something interesting about how the spin brush was invented. Ironically, it was created by the same person who created the spinning lollipop. He had sold off that company & was looking for a new idea and as he was walking around his local Walmart and noticed that there were only two option for tooth brushes. The standard version, or the expensive electric version.
This launched his mind into innovation mode. Presto, he thought, why not create a solution for a problem that I had created in the first place. Innovators lead the way! They show us new viewpoints on both the common & complex problems in our lives.
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