[FLR] Is Your Manager Tricking or Treating You?

Oct 30, 2015 – Trick or Treat 


Tomorrow night we are going to celebrate Halloween.


I remember as a child, how there became an internal network of which houses had the best treats. You would find out from your peers who was giving out the apples & who was giving whole chocolate bars (aka skip the house with apples and run directly to the Mars bar home).


In today’s competitive environment, you can only “trick” people so long. As a leader, it is important to treat (pun intended) your employees as best as you can.


Business Insider | Leaders Want Productive Employees? Treat Them Like Adult


FastCompany | Leaders Treat Their Employees Like Your Best Customers

Forbes | The Dangers of Treating Employees Poorly


TED | Why We Need to Treat Our Employees as Thoughtfully as Our Customers


CJ | 5 lessons on Winning Big & Getting Hired From Justin Trudeau

Leading, along the road with you,


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