[FLR] If you’re a bored manager, avoid the urge to meddle

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Remember how good it felt to get that promotion? You know that promotion I’m talking about: the one you focused your career efforts towards for such a long time. Like many things in life, there is the “honeymoon” period during which you wake up with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. Over time, you settle into the day to day routine of what you do.


Yes, even brain surgeons have normal, average routine weeks.


As a leader, how do you stay appropriately engaged when you are in the midst of a project?


I find it helpful to work on that task you are not truly looking forward to. To me it’s like exercising. I am always amazed how often I feel refreshed after doing the work that needs to be done.


You may have to do the same things, but try not to do them the same ways.” – Jillian Kramer


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