[FLR] | How Vulnerability Makes You A Better Leader | Friday Leadership Report

[FLR] | How Vulnerability Makes You A Better Leader | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,

Can I share something that profoundly troubles me?

Leaders who are excellent at “shaping” why projects fail and why their organization is not thriving.

Unfortunately, I hear more than my share.

It usually starts with the word.


The market
The technology
The team
The pricing
The competition
The budget
The boss

I have been coaching a particular C-level executive. I have seen her grow in so many areas & she is moving into the most senior level in her organization.

The main reason she continues to grow & thrive?

Vulnerability is her secret power.

Interestingly enough – the origin of the word comes from the late Latin vulnerabilis – “wounding” & from the latin vulneris “wound.”

She offers her team a candid assessment of her capacities & challenges. Her strength comes from her ability to own, enter in & understand both what is working & not working.

Yes, there are budget, technology, project management & people challenges in her world. She looks for ways she can contribute, support & help grow from challenges & success.

In the disappointments & failures that emerge, with being leading, you will be wounded by others and, at times, your actions.

This, you can count on.

All strong leaders are wisely vulnerable.

Can vulnerability be your superpower?

Along the road with you!

Alan Kearns

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