[FLR] How to Survive a Major Management Change

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A sudden change in leadership: I’m sure that you have either experienced this as an observer or it has happened to you at some point in your career.


I personally experienced this early in my career. I joined a new firm and a new boss was put in charge of the division I had joined. Fairly quickly it became obvious to me that my new leader was completely different than the person who had hired me.


A great piece of advice I received was to focus on doing my role and not on being distracted by the change in leadership. I found that really helpful for a couple reasons:


1) I was able to focus on the things over which I had control.


2) I was able to figure out how to master the the opportunity that was presented to me.


In today’s changing world, your leaders will most likely change, possibly even before you start your new role. Be prepared.


Do not attempt to change your role and be someone you think the new person wants. Any new leader is looking for top people who are transparent and authentic.”
– Bob Taylor, former dean of the business school at the University of Louisville


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