FLR | How to Get Back to Work After a Career Break | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,


Earlier in my career, I took a year off to travel & volunteer. It was something that I had always wanted to do & was in a phase where I was getting ready to buy a house & start a family.


That year, was an incredible experience, not to mention spending a winter away in Australia & Thailand was a real treat.


Like many others, as the time was ending there were two thoughts.


  1. Should I extend my time for an additional year?


  1. If I decide to return as planned, what was going to be my return to work strategy.


I choose option two, I definitely wondered how employers would see my year away.


I was fortunate to have 3 offers fairly quickly. I was also fortunate to choose a leader that saw value in my time away & still believed that like riding a bike, I would be able to get up to speed & be productive very quickly.


My leader, like other smart leaders, recognized that all life experiences have value & in fact applauded my courage to do what I did.


My advice – Searching for great hire?

Look outside the resume next time you hire…


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P.S. We’re here to walk with you through your organization’s challenges and successes during this period of transition. Reach out to Jason Parks, VP of Business Development at jason.parks@careerjoy.com, or 1-(866) 438-5134 ext 600 to chat about how you can support your team.


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Along the road with you!


Alan Kearns