[FLR] | How To Advance as Leader Without Being a Workaholic

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I confess I’m an alcoholic.
That got your attention right? I’m not an alcoholic – but if I said “I’m a workaholic”, would that statement have the same amount of impact?
Studies show that approximately 10% of our workforce are workaholics. We accept that someone is married to their job at the expense of the rest of their life. We don’t take this as seriously as if they are “married” to alcohol at the cost of the rest of their life.
In a 2013 study by Kansas State University found that the stress on those who work more than 50 hours per week had a negative impact on the physical, mental, and relationship health of employees.
I think we need to be concerned when you hear a colleague or friend (or maybe even yourself) use that as a badge of honor . Yes, it is great to be involved in your work, but it is not sustainable if your work displaces equally important areas in the rest of your life.
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