[FLR] How Great Leaders Apologize

June 24, 2016 | The Two Words Edition


Happy Friday,


“I’m sorry.” 


Two words we can all relate to. It shows that you are honest, vulnerable, and desire to do better.


It mostly shows that you are human. Who doesn’t want to do their best work for a leader who can acknowledge where they didn’t live up to their personal or professional standards?


LinkedIn  | How Great Leaders Apologize


FastCompany | How to Apologize Like You Really Mean It


Forbes | Brian Williams’ Misstep: On Keeping Apologies Real


Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 10.36.41 AM


CJ | Politics @ Work. How to Play by the Rules


TED | Why Your Worst Deeds Don’t Define You | Shaka Senghor


Leading, along the road with you!




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