FLR | How Black Business’ Help The Canadian Economy | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,


August is Black-owned business month in Canada – an essential way to honour and recognize the challenges & opportunities of being a black business leader in Canada.


I had dinner with a couple of black business leaders & it was genuinely astounding to hear of some of the challenges that still exist in this day & age for people of colour.


According to a survey released in the fourth quarter of 2021 by StatsCan on Businesses recovering from COVID 19;


31.4% of Businesses majority-owned by visible minorities were more likely to face obstacles such as attracting new or returning customers vs (20.7 %) for the average Business.
29.7% change in consumer demand vs 22% for the average.
28.3%, maintaining sufficient cash flow vs 20% for the average.


My friends sharing their stories at dinner were real-time examples of these StatCan research surveys.


I’ve had a lot to process and digest since that memorable & inspiring dinner; while things are improving substantively, there are many new ways we can be more accepting and supportive of black business leaders in Canada.


This month, can I encourage you to support and affirm the black business leaders in your life and community? I am enclosing a great resource to identify black businesses in your community and online.




Along the road with you.




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