[FLR] Here’s how to work as collaborative leaders

Happy Friday,

Like all fast-growing organizations, let me confess that we have challenges & opportunities.

Our leadership team is evolving; we have new roles, projects & team members are developing new skills.

We are in a fortunate scenario, we have many new client partners & our existing clients are using more of our services.

Our key challenge is finding ways to continue to provide excellent services for our partners, protect our culture & grow our practice.

Leading within that context is much like a Rubix cube. It is complex, and as you move things around, you are trying to get all sides working collaboratively while honoring the different teams.

Three principles I have found helpful with this phase.

It’s what’s right, not who’s right.
It’s our team, not “my” team.
We need to take smart risks.

These principles help us with keeping the main thing the main thing. They help us with decisions making & anchor & keep us centred.

Humanize arguments

The journey from being a good leader to a great leader is built on simple principles, not on simple thinking.
Much like a Rubix cube, they are multifaceted & interlinked.

That’s what makes leadership such a wonderful journey.

Along the road with you,


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