FLR | Help, My Boss is Way Too Positive!

Happy Friday!


Have you ever worked in a positive environment that was toxic?


You might want to read that question again.


Typically when you consider a toxic organization or leader, you think of how difficult & negative they are.


What if they are lovely, smart, funny & kind but entirely out to lunch about the reality of the state of the project, product or situation?


This is a toxic positive environment.


It’s just as dangerous as a toxic environment, in fact, maybe even more so as it is more deceptive, nuanced and complex in its own way.


“Optimism means that you expect or anticipate positive outcomes, or perhaps you expect the best from others. But when you are repeatedly “blindsided” by outcomes, you may be unrealistically optimistic. When your expectations are repeatedly not matching the data, and you’re not prepared for a negative result, you might have crossed the line.”


Dr. David Shar, organizational psychologist


The key is to hold out for a positive result & balance this with the reality of dealing with the challenges, changing evidence that will envititablity impact the outcomes and continually make adjustments with the evolving circumstances.


The positive toxic leader says “The cup is 1/2 full”


The negative toxic leader says “The cup is 1/2 empty.”


The pragmatic optimist leader says “The cup can be refilled.”


The cup is continually available to be filled & emptied depending on the changing circumstances.





Along the road with you!




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