[FLR] Government Leadership; Investors, Innovators & Risk Takers

June 10, 2016 | The “Public” Edition


Happy Friday!


Next week is a very important week in Canada – it’s National Public Service Week. The theme is “proudly serving Canadians.”


There are almost 500,000 employees working in Federal departments, agencies, crown corporations, RCMP & the Canadian Forces. In my travels, I talk with a variety of people and often hear different perspectives around work ethic, pensions, etc. From my perspective, the vast majority of public sector employees we support from coast to coast in our leadership & career development programs are well educated, hard working, dedicated & committed.


The very fabric of this great country is supported by the great work & leadership these professionals provide.


Canadian Gov Executive | On Gov’t Leadership; Interview With the CEO of APEX


Globe & Mail | Canadian Heritage Leads Public Sector Innovation


McKinsey & Company | Deliverology: The Origins & Practice


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CJ | Two Key Leadership Qualities Required in the Public Sector


TED | Government – Investor, Innovator & Risk Taker | Mariana Mazzuacato


Leading, along the road with you!




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