[FLR] “Google Designs Formula for Who Gets Promoted With 90% Accuracy” | Friday Leadership Report

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1+1 = 2 is a very simple formula. What if there was a formula to determine who were the up and coming leaders in your organization? Interesting enough, Google did come up with a quantitative way of identifying emerging top talent with 90% accuracy. People are more predictable then we think.


Quartz |Google Came Up With a Formula for Deciding Who Gets Promoted

Forbes | Why Leaders Are Not Necessarily The People You Think They Are


Harvard | A Process for Human-Algorithm Decision Making



 CJ | How Leaders Can Spring Back From Adversity
Youtube | HR Meets Science at Google with Prasad Setty


If you’d asked me in business school if I would be spending time in HR, I would’ve laughed, because I thought HR was soft and fluffy 

and that I had no intuition for people issues.

 – Prasad Setty, VP of People Analytics & Compensation

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