[FLR] Get your team to respect deadlines

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I’ve never thought of the word in it’s two components.




Dead line.


The word originated in 19th century Civil War prisons as a physical line beyond which prisoners would be shot. Today, the word doesn’t carry the same consequences and we tend to view them a lot more flippantly.
That explains everything. No wonder we struggle with “dead” lines.


Yesterday in our team meeting I asked one of my staff the question, “Do you want to complete this, or are you committing to completing this?” This helped her to understand what some of her actual challenges were and enabled her to address them head on.


Let’s face it, most of us really don’t want to disappoint and create the negative impacts of missing a deliverable.  


Asking the right questions, in the right way and time are key when supporting and motivating your employees towards objectives.


We’ve all impressed ourselves with how quickly we were able to crank through something the night before a due date. And that’s because the stress of that fast-approaching deadline gave us a necessary kick in the pants.”

– Kat Boogaard


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