[FLR] Friday Leadership Report | Top 10 cities | Change in work | Best April fool jokes | Workplace mistakes

Globe & Mail | The top 10 entrepreneurial cities in Canada.

Forbes | The changing face of how work gets done.  


Museum of Hoaxes | The top 100 April fool’s day hoaxes of all time.


Podcast | Gene Hayden, author of The Follow-Through Factor – How & when to follow through with opportunity.


Harvard | Amy Edmondson, Harvard Business School professor, describes strategies for analyzing workplace mistakes and producing more intelligent ones.


“Leadership is action, not position.”  Donald H. McGannon


Leading, along the road with you!




P.S. Leadership Webinar; Thursday, April 7 12-1 PM ET. Choosing the right team, choosing the right players | P.J. Loyello – Senior VP, Florida Marlins . Click here for more details & to register.