[FLR] Friday Leadership Report | Mark Zuckerberg Villain or Hero | Boy CEO | How we built Facebook

Forbes | The leadership secrets of Mark Zuckerberg.

HBR | Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, villain or hero?


FastCompany | “Boy CEO” Mark Zuckerberg two smartest projects, growing Facebook & growing up.


CJ | How an artist painted Facebook walls, & earned $250 million (True story).


Podcast | How to pace yourself in your career | John Stanton founder of The Running Room.


Charlie Rose | How we built Facebook | Interview with Mark Zuckerberg & COO Sheryl Sandberg.


“”People can be really smart or have skills that are directly applicable, but if they don’t really believe in it, then they are not going to really work hard.” Mark Zuckerberg 
Leading, along the road with you!




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