[FLR] Friday Leadership Report | 10 reasons Darth Vader is a great manager | #1 reason top talent leaves |

GeekWire | Top 10 reasons Darth Vader was an amazing project manager. 


Forbes | Why top talent leaves. 10 reasons boiled down to 1.


Gallup | The truth about how we think.


CJ | 3 key benefits to knowing your strengths.


Podcast | Jenifer Fox. M. Ed. Harvard grad and author of Your Childs Strengths – How to discover them, develop them and use them.


TED | Why you might fail to have a great career. Larry Smith – Professor of Economics, University of Waterloo.


I suppose leadership at one time meant muscles; but today it means getting along with people.” Mahatma Gandhi 


Leading, along the road with you!




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