[FLR] Ford Futurist & Leader Spends All Of Her Time Thinking About the Future

Sept 30, 2016|The “Time to Think” Edition


Happy Friday,


We live in very busy & noisy times. As a leader you are constantly be bombarded with information, meeting requests, social media and multiple related demand for your attention. Yet at the same time, we need to come up with increasingly more creative and innovative solutions for the products and services that we provide. What do we really need to be effective in this current climate?


Time to think.


Here’s a #quickcoaching tip of the week. Block 30 minutes in your schedule to think. I personally put aside time each Monday morning to think. If we value something, we will make time for it.


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TED | Al Seckel | Visual Illusions That Show Us How We (Mis) Think


Leading, along the road with you!




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