[FLR] Five Ways to Build Leadership Skills in an Entry-Level Job

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There is a saying, “Some are born leaders, some achieve leadership, and some have leadership thrust upon them.”


I agree. We are all born to lead at least one person in our lives and it’s ourselves.


Are you a leader? You may or may not have the title of a leader. We recognize that there are different phases of leadership from leading 1 person, to 5 people to an entire organization.


Leadership is a skill that some have naturally, but all of us can learn, right from the starting point at our organization. What are you doing to improve and/or support your team as they develop step-by-step?


…in today’s lean and fast-shifting environment, where the spread of information and networked technologies have broken down hierarchies and eroded silos, people at every level need to make decisions.” – Sally Helgesen


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