[FLR] “Everything I Know about Leadership, I Learned From the Movies” | Friday Leadership Report

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Great movies, are built on the skills of great leaders in all divisions. This Sunday night, the Oscars will be showcasing the best of Hollywood and will be celebrating the creativity, talent, drive & leadership abilities of the movie business.


According to IMDB, the average cast credit of the top 1000 movies is 588 people. It truly takes a village, to get Iron Man organized.


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When I asked my daughter who her favorite character was in “Star Wars,” do you know what she said? Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan Kenobi and Glinda. I think these people are experts. I think these are the two people in the movie who know more than anybody else, and they love sharing their knowledge with other people to help them reach their potential. 
Now, they are leaders” – Colin Stokes


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