[FLR] Clearing the haze on marijuana in the workplace

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It’s officially the end of the first full week of legalized cannabis in Canada. It’s time to get out of the weeds in this discussion (pun intended).


You may have heard that pilots and flight attendants at Air Canada are not allowed to use cannabis at all. The same conversation is happening between police unions and their employers across the country about whether they are allowed to use cannabis at all.


We recognize this is a complex landscape from those with legitimate medicinal needs to those that would like to use cannabis recreationally and


I am sure that we will see these guidelines become rules through the courts.


As a leader, common sense must ultimately prevail. 


Leading along the road with you,




Clearing the haze | HRPA.ca (PDF – 3,271 KB)


With cannabis coming to the workplace, what constitutes ‘impairment’? | The Globe and Mail


What Canadian employers are telling their staff about legal cannabis | Quartz


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