[FLR] | Change the Way You Look at Things and the Things You Look at Change

Happy Friday!
As you have all probably heard by now Amazon is expanding its offices in Vancouver and bringing 3000 jobs to the city in the fields of e-commerce technology, cloud computing, and machine learning.
As a leader I think about how the company of Amazon has succeeded as much as it has. Its market shares have grown over 66% in the past 5 years. I’m sure you’re thinking how you wish you could achieve the same growth in your company.
I don’t have the secret answer to the success of Amazon but I do think that we have something to learn from this. You see, Vancouver might have attracted 3000 new positions but it didn’t win out as the new headquarters for Amazon North America. Does this mean Amazon has given up on Vancouver? Evidently not.
What Amazon is doing is it’s being strategic. It’s recognized that Vancouver is an excellent area to invest in as a local office, but maybe not as a headquarters.
Remember that project you lost out on last quarter? Perhaps it just wasn’t framed correctly. Maybe it isn’t time to give up on it but rather time to take a look at it again from another angle.




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