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The headlines are full of good news these days! Heatwaves in Europe, wildfires, and another month of record inflation.


The good news is that it is a beautiful summer in Canada, and as much as I love the assortment of weather we experience, there is something to be said about a warm Saturday afternoon at the cottage.


Economies go through cycles much like the four seasons we experience in Canada. Each cycle plays a role: sowing, growing, reaping and resting. We are in the sowing phase of our economy, which requires tilling and getting the soil ready to plant new seeds of economic growth.


Canadian financial tech unicorn Wealthsimple announced a reduction of 160 positions. They would lay off 13% of staff, citing “unprecedented” levels of volatility due to market uncertainty.


“Many of our clients are living through a period of market uncertainty they’ve never experienced before,” CEO and founder Michael Katchen said in a letter sent to staff earlier this month.


Market uncertainty is a sentiment echoed by many at the moment, and it can make us feel vulnerable.


But what is volatility?


Volatility means there is inherent change. And although some of that change may be undesirable, it also leaves opportunities for those willing to adapt and leverage future opportunities.


Being open to this is about being adaptable in a way that allows you to face challenging situations head-on, with confidence in your ability to change and navigate the inevitable stormy season in all economic cycles.


Get ready to adopt a different mindset and skillset; this season will pass; a new season is always on the other side.


Individuals and organizations will most likely experience changing circumstances that cause a shift in their needs. If you are searching for a more human approach to outplacement, we can help.


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