FLR | 7 Principles to Better Meetings | The Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,


Yes, we all have them.

As a team, we are growing & have more projects, we also, are spending more & more time in meetings.

We realized that more of our time & focus was being absorbed with talking about what we are doing & how we can do it. We had less time to actually do the work.

A 2022 research study on the impact of working remotely during COVID showed employee productivity increased by over 70% when meetings were reduced by 40%.

A 10 yr meta-analysis of meetings shockingly revealed that 90% of employees found that most meetings are primarily costly & unproductive.

What’s the answer – is it no meetings? Well, that’s not a reality; however, you can start by creating some best practices for your team to follow.

Define the purpose of the meeting

Set and agenda

Start on time

Share a team win

Stick to the agenda

Finish with an action plan

End on time

One other element we have added to our team is MeetLess Wednesdays.

Creating a day where our entire team focused has helped enormously in getting way more productive work done & the other outcome.

Less unproductive meetings overall.

Ok, I have to run to a meeting…

along the road with you.


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