FLR | 6 Principles in Choosing Well (Yes, Even Presidents)

Happy Friday!


1 individual decision made by 158.9 million people, of all races, income, education, status & influence led to the election of the leader of the free world. (which at the time of me writing this, we don’t have a clear answer)


I love this definition of the word decision by Peter Drucker from a 1967 HBR article “every decision is a risk-taking judgment.”


Whether in elections, hiring, choosing a new market, restructuring a new business unit or launching a new product, decisions are made upon a group of risk-taking judgements.


Peter Drucker shared the elements of managing those risk-taking judgements.


  1. Classify the problem – is it an exceptional need or a common need?
  2. Define the problem – what are we dealing with?
  3. Specify the answer to the problem. What are the boundaries conditions?
  4. What answer will fully meet the needs, wants & compromises?
  5. What actions are now required to move forward?
  6. Are all assumptions based upon the actions appropriate?


These 6 principles in ways to make good choices have stood the test of time over 50+yrs since Peter wrote this article,.


Whatever your stand on the political spectrum, decisions lead to outcomes.


I just hope as Canadians we will be as engaged & invested in our own choices for our leaders moving forward.





Along the road with you!




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