FLR | 50 years of multiculturalism | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday.


At the beginning of this week, we celebrated Multiculturalism Day in Canada & tomorrow, we celebrate Canada Day.


I am a new Canadian, and one of the fantastic things I appreciate about Canada is that I can be Irish & Canadian at the same time.


This is the heart of multiculturalism. The ability to embrace the strength & diversity of 190 nations that Canadians have originated from, who now live, work & contribute to our wonderful country.


We are still learning to figure out multiculturalism in the workplace. In a recent survey by X 40% of Canadian companies report having a diversity, equity and inclusion policy, despite a 5% increase over the past two years.


11% of Canadian organizations fully leverage individuals’ diverse backgrounds to drive value and business results and bring their authentic selves to the team and business.


We are doing well in our communities and organizations; we still have room to learn and grow to be more aligned.


Canadians from coast-to-coast to coast are looking to develop solid and sustainable careers and cultures. We know that Canada is a country with untapped wealth, limitless opportunity, and a multicultural fabric that is worth protecting and developing.


The beauty of Canada is the “and”; Canada is about being Canadian and being you. We welcome you to be who you are and part of Canada.


How will you be celebrating Canada Day tomorrow through the lens of your authentic self?


Along the road with you,




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