FLR | 5 Ways To Build Trust On Multicultural Agile Teams | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,


If you are a follower of professional sports, there were two historic announcements this week in the NHL. The San Jose Sharks hired Mike Grier, the first black general manager & The Toronto Maple Leafs hired Hailey Wikenhouser as the first female Assistant General Manager.


Sports are about winning; I know that as a season ticket holder & at work, supporting organizations building winning cultures. I much prefer when I am watching as a fan & working with the teams that are growing & developing.


July is Global Agility Month; according to Forbes, companies that deployed at least two agile practices were 40% more likely to report increased results.


While Mike & Hailey are breaking new ground- ultimately, winning teams produce results & fill seats & keep fans & shareholders happy.


A truly agile organization requires transparency, adaptation, and iteration.


Which of these is your organization/team growing in the most?


How can we support you & your team to become more agile?


Along the road with you.




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