FLR | 13 Tips For Leading and Managing Remote Team’s | Friday Leadership Report

FLR | 13 Tips For Leading and Managing Remote Teams | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,

This past week, we were working with a new Corporate Partner. Our meeting was on Zoom & we had an unexpected guest.

Her cat.

At first, you could tell she was slightly embarrassed, but then as we all chuckled & shared our “policy” around 4-legged unexpected guests, you needed to introduce them.

I find that interesting as, ironically, working remotely, in many ways, can make for a greater sense of connecting with people. In the office, while you get to know people, it is usually that picture on their desk where you have a sense of the other dimensions of people’s lives.

Many organizations have been continually challenged with developing a deeper sense of motivation & culture over this pandemic year.

During the pandemic, we spend most of our time virtually in our colleague’s homes – I know in our team, we have taken the time to get to know all of our pets, plants, art, etc.

People are engaged when they are known – when they are seen, where they are heard.

Remember, the human.


FLR Aug 3rd 2021