FLR | 13 Rules of Leadership | Friday Leadership Report

FLR | 13 Rules of Leadership | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,

This past week, it was sad to hear of the passing of General Colin Powell.

I have been pondering his legacy & all the areas he both was a great leader while being the first African American to lead the armed forces & become US Secretary of State.

One of the more overlooked parts of his story was Jay Sickser, the Russian Jewish Immigrant & owner of Sickser’s — “Everything For The Baby.” store, who gave Powell his first job when he was 14 & he stayed until he was a Sophmore.

He learned many lessons working for Jay, including how to speak Yiddish. He would overhear families discussing what they wanted to pay for baby carriages in Yiddish – not remotely considering that he would understand what they were saying & sharing that information with Jay to help him in “closing the deal.”

The best lesson Powell shared was how Mr. Sickser helped change his life by insisting he had more potential and should get an education.

“I was so touched that he thought enough of me to tell me that I had the potential to do other things in life & insisted that I get a good education.” All this to the son of Jamaican immigrants born in Harlem and grew up in the South Bronx.

Who has been your Mr. Sickser in your life?

Will you play the role of a Mr. Sickser & encourage another young person to become all they can be?

I can assure you; a young person with gifts & talent is awaiting your practical support & encouraging words.

Live into that space & opportunity.

Along the road with you!

Alan Kearns

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