[FLR] “10% of Managers Have What it Takes to be “a Great Manager.” | Friday Leadership Report

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Part of the temptation of all leaders is to promote the strongest person on the team to become the manager. There are many examples of how that is a flawed model. Often the average salesperson can be a fantastic sales manager. According to a Gallup pole, only 10% of managers are truly great.
Managing uses a very different set of abilities. In our leadership coaching practice we assess for both abilities & performance – not just performance – and help the “average” become “great”.


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It’s not the teams with the highest IQs that achieve the best results – it’s the teams with the most social cohesion, where everyone contributes and feels safe to offer feedback with candor. It’s a talk that will flip your thinking on why you go to work every day..
– Margaret Hefferman


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