Finding Simple Answers

17_top_09122003 Recently I got a new PowerBook (our firm loves Macs) and I was trying to get online. After trying 4 or 5 different ways, I was getting frustrated. I had just concluded that my new Mac had a problem with its modem when my son, Aidan, noticed my frustration. He helpfully suggested, “Dad, why don’t you turn it off and then on again”. I’m thinking, “You’re 7 years old, it is not that simple”. But I tried his solution anyway. Glad I did. 3 minutes later, problem solved-tahdah! My point, simple is best. We sometimes misunderstand simple as simplistic, not true. It’s a rare occasion that a problem requires a truly complex answer. Simple is faster, more effective, and often less costly. Yet, people continue to look for complicated answers when a simple one is presented to them. Perhaps they fear the obvious is too easy. Maybe easy isn’t impressive. Or it might suggest they shouldn’t get paid so much for their role. But I still contend that it’s best to keep it simple. Our CareerJoy coaches have adopted a maxim shared by a doctor friend: When you hear hoof beats, think horses, not Zebras. Look for the obvious solution first, if that doesn’t succeed start moving to nuances. Hey, if it works for doctors. Along the Road with you