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The Green-Collar Career is the new cool. I am currently writing in a Starbucks, directly across from me is a display with two new products. A coffee mug made with 20% recycled clay and a Bodum, made from reclaimed plastic. Environmental disasters also are driving this sector, such as what is happening in the Gulf of Mexico this past week. Consumers, corporations and governments are awaking to this new reality. This is a new version of a gold rush, a green rush.

This week’s podcast is from our recent Canadian Green Career Development Webinar. Our panelists were, David Sigler, Managing Director Greenhouse Gas Management Institute, Michael Kerford, V.P. ECO Canada, Julia Bray, founder Infoplexxus, Joanne Sawatzky, Director Light House and Greg MacLachlan Founder of Workcabin.ca. I invited them to speak them to share their insights on developing a “green-collar” career.

According to Greenbiz the amount of new green products introduced between 2006 and 2007 doubled. This is driven by both people concerned about the environment and, organizations driven by needs and profitablity. The amount of new jobs created is as a direct result of resources flowing into this growing sector. I call this the lock principle. All boats in the lock rise when water flows in. There are all kinds of new career options in the green space. A green-collar worker as defined by wikipedia, is a worker who is employed in the environmental sectors of the economy.

I am often asked where is there new job creation? The amount of roles within the sector has changed from 10% to 21% of our economy in the past 20 years. This is 100% growth, a great place to make a difference and have a great career.

This weeks 60 Second WORKout-Checkout a website WorkCabin, ECO Canada, The Greenhouse Gas Management Institute, to see all the careers available in this emerging sector.

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