Dress for Success – Myth or Truth?

Did you dress up, or help kids dress up for Halloween? Isn’t it amazing to see the kind of creativity and self expression the comes at this time of year. Halloween Is the ultimate “dress for success” event. Didn’t those kids with unique costumes create much stronger first impression? I bet you gave more candy to them as well! This week’s podcast, is with Catherine Bell professional image consultant and author of Manage Your Image Potential. Catherine shared “first impressions really do matter, especially in a competitive marketplace where employers have more choices” 

From Halloween we learn a lot about life, and the world of work. We learn how to be creative, the role of the first impression, not to mention tricks (performance) leads to treats (rewards). According to research by Syracuse University of 300 executive recruiters, HR professionals and CEO’s, a candidate’s professional image was the third most important hiring attribute. Research by the University of Southern Indiana faculty of Research and Creative Work, found that those that invested in their “work costumes” exerted more influence over their career, advanced quicker and earned more. Do you dress for success?  


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Trick or treat, along the road with you!




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