Do you have good career luck? What I learned from the RRRoll up the Rim to Win campaign

It is that time of year again – RRRoll up the Rim. This is an annual tradition created by Ron Buist, former head of marketing for Tim Horton’s. Ron was the head of marketing for the company for 24 years helping them grow from 50 to over 2000 stores. He was one of the key leaders helping to build the Tim Hortons brand.

 In 1985, Buist was looking for ways to help with the seasonal ebb and flow of the business. He was visiting with representatives from Tim Horton’s cup manufacturer and noticed that when the cup was laid out, it had a white space. He asked the manufacturer if they could print on this space. The answer was “Sure, but why would you want to print there, when you can’t see under the rim?” Ron thought, “Easy answer, RRRoll up the rim...”

The penny (I mean toonie!) dropped in Ron’s head. He said “The most simple things in life are the most successful.” What impressed me most, was Ron’s ability to “see” what others missed & his willingness to find a creative way to take advantage of that opportunity. 

  Would you have seen opportunity in white space? Most importantly, would you have done anything about it?

  Ironically the RRRoll up the Rim campaign is all about reducing luck and chance within the Tim Horton’s business model. This clever idea, is all about creating a consistent flow (literally) of clients and revenue. The main purpose of the RRRoll up the Rim campaign is to keep reminding us, why we need to keep choosing Tim Hortons over the ever increasing range of competition in the coffee business. 

 It’s really a smart way to inspire us to return to their stores, so the franchisees and shareholders can keep buying new cars, flat screen TVs and generate the rewards that come from a successful business. Many free donuts, cars and 3600 franchise stores later, it would seem there are many, many winners with this deal!  

Want to create your own consistent flow of opportunity? Find ways to keep telling your story in interesting, engaging and creative ways. Always.  

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RRRoll-ing along the road with you!  




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