Do You Have 20/20 Vision About Your Career Future? | The Monday Morning Motivator

Last week, I spoke about Clint Eastwood & what he has to teach us, and I am not talking about talking to empty chairs. Rather, about what it means to be an effective leader.

Patricia Staples was the winner of our Facebook contest, she won a Leadership Identity Program ($1100 value) for responding to the question “What does a focus puller do?” Her answer read, “According to Wikipedia, a focus puller’s role is ‘To maintain image sharpness on whatever subject or action is being filmed.'” She adds her own insight, “Hmmm, maintaining clarity of vision: sounds like a leadership responsibility! Nice. And nice marketing technique.” 

I myself have a deep connection to the focus puller profession. In a sense, it is what I do now & what I originally studied at school. I was educated as an Optician and spent a few years in our family run practice – helping clients with their vision, asking them, “Better?… Worse?… Better?”  With a set of tools, our patients would walk out the door, able to “see more clearly.”

Focus pullers, Opticians, and Career & Leadership Coaches have a lot in common. Our vision occurs not with our eyes, but in our minds. Hence, you can truly change how you see things, by adjusting the way you think. My teams‘ role is to provide the right tools, analyses & questions to improve your clarity of vision. Now, with 20/20 vision about your own strengths, weaknesses & transferable skills, you will be better at seeing yourself more clearly & you won’t have to strain yourself to see opportunities.


Do you have 20/20 vision about yourself as a professional or leader? Changing how you think can happen in a variety of ways, that is why I am such a believer in coaching


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Better?…Worse?…Better? Along the road with you! 




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