Do You Get the Sunday Night Blues? | The Monday Morning Motivator

Do you get the Sunday night blues? According to a Self.com poll, 63% of professionals struggle with this condition. You feel anxious & stressed out about the week ahead. It is recognized as an acute condition affecting nine-to-five workers & students. The symptoms include anxiety, helplessness & depression. This is an indicator of a high amount of job stress or improper job fit. Your body is awakening you to the true reality of your situation. The good news is that this is a“treatable” situation.

This week’s podcast is with the founder of Steam Whistle Brewery, Greg Taylor, and 2 of his employees Trish Yee and Lorna Willner. They share their personal journey of working for a company that has spent the last 12 years focused on producing 1 great product: a premium pilsner beer. 


How did they do this? Well, with the best ingredients. People. Oh yes, and a dose of barley & malted wheat and hops. 


Greg states, “If we create an organization where our employees are in the right situation, then Sunday nights people will be looking forward to going to work on Monday. We will have succeeded as a company, if we are able to do this“.


Let’s face it, lot’s of beer companies have access to barley, wheat & hops & make a mediocre product. 


The “secret” to Steam Whistle’s recipe? Great beer is brewed by engaged professionals, who combine the right ingredients at the right time in a healthy work culture. There is no way that a company can produce a great product if the environment to “grow” in, is not healthy. 


As a leader are you focused on creating an organization that is a great place to work? As a professional are you pursuing a healthier work environment?  It is not just about Sunday nights, it is about enjoying the rest of the work week as well.

The good beer people at Steam Whistle Breweries figured it out & so can you. Remember the answer is closer than you think, whether you are an organization or individual looking for help my team can help.  


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Enjoying Sunday nights, along the road with you! 




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