Do you feel stuck in your career?

Do you feel stuck in your career? Why can’t it be a Freedom 35 plan? This week’s podcast is with New York Times best-selling author Timothy Ferriss. His book, The 4 Hour Work Week, has been a runaway success. He shares his insight on how to define your own career path and live a balanced and successful life. In Timothy’s book, he lays out in a very clear and practical way, some of the major workplace myths. The essence of the book is to distribute success and retirement throughout your life. I call this the “freedom now” plan.

Freedom seems to be selling well these days. We have a number of companies that are in the business of selling this concept in Canada. "Imagine the Freedom" and "Freedom 55" are two examples of powerful ad campaigns that two major companies have used very successfully to build their brands. This begs the question: Why? Isn’t our country true north, strong and free? I believe for many, these advertisement campaigns link into the deep sense of lack of control that they feel over their time, money and mobility. I believe this is why Ferriss’ book has sold really well in the United States, Canada and a number of other countries in this world. Having control over our life is a universal human need and many are searching deeply for this in their personal and professional lives.

I looked up the definition of freedom in the wiktionary. Freedom is defined as the state of being free, of not being imprisoned or enslaved. Think of the terms that are used in our world of work such as golden handcuffs, feeling trapped, etc. When you sell "imagine" or "55" it really says that many sense that freedom comes with winning the lottery or retirement (not that winning the lottery would cramp my style!). There are two core components that are key in having a true sense of freedom:

1. You have control.

2. You have choices.

In understanding that you have control and choice, you are truly empowered. Tim brought up some very interesting points from his book in our discussion. We need to determine what our personal definition of success is. This is the starting point. There are many preset definitions of success in our world. It is very important to clearly come up with your own definition.

There are 3 key elements that make up the 4-hour work week.

Salary: We often talk range; however, think about this in a different way. How much would you need to support the lifestyle you want? One of my clients is an emergency room physician. She would figure out how much she wanted to make each month and book that amount of shifts. Get clear about how much money you need each month to sustain your lifestyle. Money is a renewable resource. You have choices.

Time: How many hours per week do you really want to be working? One client took a new job with less responsibility. He traded time for money. Time is a non-renewable resource. You have choices.

Mobility: Where and how do you want to work? A client chose to move from Canada to the UK and is working from her home office. With the cost of technology and the nature of work in general, more and more employers are encouraging work from home. You have choices.

As Tim said, "Many of the old frameworks are radically shifting in our world. From how you are paid to where you work to the removal of lifetime employment and pension plans." The question I asked at the beginning is do you feel stuck? If you do, it really is just a feeling, not a fact. The facts are that you are not truly stuck (unless you are in prison for a crime!) It is easy to live in the old limited model of work vs. retirement or work vs. life and money vs. time. There are all kinds of new career and employment models out there. Take the time to define what you want and take steps towards this. It doesn’t have to happen overnight, but it will never happen unless you take control of your future.

Are you struggling with identifying the options or are you confused by the range of options? To do or not to do? – that is the question. Book an initial consultation today. Choose wisely. Now is the time to stand on guard for your career!!

Along the road with you!


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