[MMM] | Dealing with “turbulence”

Good morning,
Happy New Year!
One of the benefits of the work I do is the travel. I regularly am visiting various Canadian cities so I am blessed to be able to see our beautiful country. This blessing however often involves time spent in planes. I’m a good traveler and generally enjoy the time to myself on planes, but from time to time you do run into turbulence.
One of my clients used the word “turbulent” to describe her year of 2017. I looked up the definition of the word which is, “characterized by conflict, disorder, or confusion; not controlled or calm.”
Pilots expect to run into turbulence; it is part of their job. They try to minimize flying into it by looking along their flight path at weather patterns, reports from fellow pilots and the most straightforward strategy of all, looking out their window. When they do enter an area of turbulence, they have a few options.
1. Divert around the area.
2. Ascend to a higher altitude.
3. Descend to a lower altitude
4. Slow to “turbulence penetration speed” which minimiz impact on the plane and passengers.
Turbulence is where you truly determine the skill of a pilot. Interestingly enough it is not viewed as a safety issue in their profession but rather a convenience issue. Statistically, there are about 2 billion passengers that fly each year and about 100 people a year are hurt due to turbulence, mostlyminor injuries to bumped heads and bruised knees.

Copy of “We are made to persist. that's how we find out who we are._ (2)

As we start a new year, this time offers us a wonderful opportunity for a blank sheet, both literally and figuratively. As a professional pilot, you can start by creating a “flight plan” of where you would like to see yourself at the end of this year. Of course, you will run into personal and professional “turbulence” as it’s part of life but you too will have options.


Your choices are very similar to pilots:


1. Figure out a workaround

2. Find ways to grow from the situation with more people, budget, tools and capital.

3. Find ways to restructure and streamline your team, organization and projects.

4. Slow down, take time to analyze and work through the situation.


The quality of your life in 2018 will be all about your choices and decisions both in the good times and in the challenging times that will inevitably occur.


What will this year bring to you? More importantly, what will you bring to 2018?


Bon voyage!


Along the road with you!


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