[FLR] Creativity During a Crisis

Happy Friday,


Like many of you, I was particularly looking forward to this weekend.


I realized mid-week that I was feeling more weary than normal.


I think a long weekend is exactly what we all need. For me & my team, these last 8 weeks have been full of challenges &, fortunately, also full of new & unexpected opportunities to serve & help our clients.


What I have been so impressed with from our clients & my team, is the amount of creativity that is occurring amidst all of this.


Creativity does involve a tremendous amount of focus & energy –


This weekend, take time to pause, observe, & rest.


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Along the road with you!




P.S. If you are a natural problem solver, a YES person, and are comfortable diving into a project with little prior knowledge or supervision. Let us know…we’re hiring!


P.P.S. For help boosting your team’s creativity reach out to Jason Parks, VP of Business Development at jason.parks@careerjoy.com or 1-877-256-2569 ext 600. Learn more about how CareerJoy can help you and your organization through a crisis here.