CBC's Terry O'Reilly shares how you can stand out in a noisy & competitive world

Most likely you woke up to this, you have been surrounded by this all day long, and you went to bed with this in your head. What is “this”? Advertisements. According to David Shenk from his book, Data Smog we see over 600 ads per day. The average employer feels this way as well, overwhelmed with noise and choices. How do you stand out from all of this noise? This week’s podcast, is with Terry O”Reilly host of CBC’s Age of Persuasion, award winning ad man, author of The Age of Persuasion – How Marketing Ate Our Culture. Terry shared on our webinar how an individual can use successful ad principals to get noticed, advance themselves and ultimately get hired by employers in a very noisy world. 

Of course we all know advertisements don’t work a damn;


Just do …

… is the real thing

Two scoops of …


 Advertisement works, even if we don’t agree with it, are irritated by them, or think our brain is immune to ads. I also understand there are some terrible ads in the world and some great campaigns. The root word of advertisement is from the Latin advertare, which means, to turn towards” Marketing comes form the Latin mercari meaning, “to buy.” You have probably heard the term “you have to learn how to sell yourself.” This is utter b.s. none of us like to be sold, but most of us like to buy. You have to learn how to mercari yourself. Job hunting and personal branding is really about helping people to “buy” you. Marketing like job hunting, involves 3 simple ideas.


1. Getting noticed.

2. Be interesting. 

3. Get people to buy.


If you do those three authentically well, you won’t have to “sell,” employers will be buying. Terry shared “My job as a marketer, is to coax my clients into investing in their own authenticity. Your job as a consumer is to become as literate and discern the sheep from the goats.” My job as a career coach, is to coax my clients into investing in their own authenticity. Your job as a professional is to become as literate in the world of work and job search, to discern the sheep from the goats.


This week’s Workout – How will you invest in your authenticity?


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Mercari, along the road with you!




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