Career Advice from John Stanton founder of The Running Room

Do you feel like you are keeping up the pace in your career? Do you sense that you need a new career challenge? How do you find a role that feels more like play, than work? This week’s podcast, is with John Stanton founder of The Running Room. The Running Room started on a Thursday night to provide shoes, T-shirts and advice to runners. This company is now the largest chain, focused on runners in Canada. John shared from our recent webinar, his career advice on how to find the right fit, and pace yourself in your career.

According to John, “Identifying the right fit in your career involves, the ‘work as play’ rule. Look for a role that has mix of interest, challenge, structure, community and economics. Much like training for a race, make sure you have a clear career goal, great support and, take a step by step approach to getting the outcome you desire.” Taking a step by step approach is wise counsel, we live in ‘web’ time where we expect great things to happen on demand. A great career, much like building a great company such as The Running Room, takes time. 


This week’s Workout – What is your ratio of work to play?


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Running (& sometimes walking), along the road with you!




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